Rainbow Watercolor Kids Wallpaper

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Natural-looking, Peel and Stick Smooth vinyl and Canvas films with a matte finish.

Coverage: The design repeat is every 24 inches in width, and the height depends on your wall size.

If your wall is larger than our standard size please contact us for a custom listing order.

Our unique, vintage, modern and top quality peel and stick wall murals are sold in panels sized 24''W and fit most walls, but if our standard dimensions are not enough to fill your space please send us a message and we will be more than glad to send you a custom quote.

We use high quality, eco friendly peel and stick vinyl for our wallpaper product. It is easy to install and remove, For long or short term installations. Can be used by non professionals.
We offer two type of self adhesive vinyl: Smooth Vinyl and Canvas:

a) Smooth Vinyl is a matte flat finish material.
b) Canvas is a luxury textured matte finish vinyl.

The sample 6 inches wide by 9 inches tall contains a scaled version of the Mural so you can appreciate all the elements within as well as the original color setting. Your final mural will contain all the elements in the sample but on a much bigger scale.

All our wallpaper panels have one 0.5 extra inch for overlap purpose in addition to the listed width. Overlap area is mandatory to ensure the quality of our wallpapers and can be removed or left by the customer. While calculating how many panels you will need please do not consider the overlap since it will be covered by the consecutive panel.

We can customize anything! Contact us for a quote!

The color of the image represented on our website may vary slightly from your monitor to our the real wallpaper product. Since all monitors differ, we cannot guarantee that the color displayed on your monitor will come out exactly as you see it. If you are worried about how the image may change once printed, please purchase a sample order. Colors may also slightly vary between materials.

Full installation instructions are included with the final product.

Quick Installation tips:
a) We recommend installing wallpaper with two people and a step ladder.
b) Take your time, go slow, and remember that the Peel-and-Stick wallpaper can be peeled, repositioned, and reapplied.
c) Most mistakes can be resolved by peeling and reapplying correctly. Air bubbles can be smoothed out during installation.
d) We cannot guarantee optimal product performance on textured or freshly painted walls.
e) Product will have a weak initial bond with a stronger bond over time. Do not remove supporting masking tape until a few hours after installing for best results.

Before contracting a professional wallpaper installer request for specific experience with self adhesive and peel and stick wallpaper. If possible consult them prior purchase about your project and the materials you want to acquire. Provide them with samples if possible. Check yourself for overall merchandise quality before installation: pattern repeat, overlap and material stability before handing it to your installer (take pictures). Ask your installer to make the same quality check before starting. Make sure they read carefully the instructions included with the order and supervise they are being followed. If possible supervise closely the entire project.

Before you head out to pick up your peel-and-stick wallpaper, determine which wall (or walls) you’ll be hanging it on. Calculate how many panels of wallpaper you’ll need for each wall based on its overall width and height. To do so, divide overall width of the wall by 25 inches to arrive at total number of panels needed per wall. So a 144 by 25 inches width wall would require 6 panels. If you have a fractional number of panels, round it up to the highest number. The height comes in standard dimensions: 50 inches, 75 inches, 100 inches and 125 inches.

Example 1:
Your wall is 144 inches wide and 96 inches high, the wallpaper panel is 25 inches wide, and the nearest standard height size is 100 inches: 144 divided by 25 = 5.76. You will need 6 panels sized 25''W x 100''H to cover your wall

Example 2:
Your wall is 156 inches wide, the wallpaper panel is 25 inches wide: 156 divided by 25 = 6.25. When you get a fraction as a result you will need round up to 7 panels to complete your project.

1) If your wall measurements are 48"W x 50"H, PLEASE do not order one panel of size 25"W x 100"H, and try to cut it in a half to make two panels sized 25"W x 50"H! The design pattern will NOT match between them. In this case order should be placed for two panels sized 25"W x 50"H. 2) We highly recommend ordering enough wallpaper panels to cover entire wall in one batch.