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Shiplap Wallpaper

Bring the rustic charm of shiplap to your home with our stunning collection of shiplap wallpaper. Perfect for any room, our shiplap peel and stick wallpaper makes it easy to achieve a timeless look without the hassle of traditional wood panels. Choose from a variety of styles, including white shiplap wallpaper and faux shiplap wallpaper, to match your decor. Whether you're looking for vertical shiplap wallpaper or wallpaper that looks like shiplap, we have the perfect solution to enhance your space. Shop our best shiplap wallpaper ideas to transform your walls effortlessly.


White Shiplap Wallpaper
White Rustic Shiplap Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Frequently Asked Questions

What is shiplap wallpaper?

Shiplap wallpaper mimics the appearance of traditional wooden shiplap boards, providing a rustic and cozy feel to any room. It is an excellent option for those who love the shiplap look but prefer the ease of wallpaper installation.

How do I install shiplap peel and stick wallpaper?

Shiplap peel and stick wallpaper is designed for easy installation. Simply peel off the backing and apply it to a clean, smooth surface. This type of wallpaper can be repositioned, making it perfect for DIY projects.

Is there wallpaper that looks like shiplap but isn’t wood?

Absolutely! Our faux shiplap wallpaper provides the same rustic charm as real shiplap but with the convenience of wallpaper. It’s perfect for achieving the look without the need for real wood panels.

Where can I buy vertical shiplap wallpaper?

You can buy vertical shiplap wallpaper directly from our website, EazzyWalls. We offer a range of styles to suit your design preferences.