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  • Where are your products manufactured?

All EazzyWalls wallpaper murals are produced in Miami, Florida, USA.

  • What type of materials your wallpaper is made out of? 

We use high quality, eco friendly peel and stick vinyl for our wallpaper product. It is easy to install and remove, perfect for renters or temporary wall decor! We offer two type of self adhesive vinyl: Smooth Vinyl and Canvas:

a) Smooth Vinyl is a matte flat finish material.

b) Canvas is a textured matte finish vinyl.

Please check out our preparation and installation procedure to make sure your wall is suitable for this product. We highly recommend hiring having at least one person to help you install.

  • Is it easy to apply peel and stick wallpaper?

Peel and Stick Wallpaper is the easiest way of decorating your walls around house or business place. It doesn't require glue, special tools, or high level skills. With detailed installation instructions that we provide with the final product hanging wallpaper would a perfect DIY project.

  • How to install Peel and Stick wallpaper?

Full installation instructions are included with the final product. 

Quick Installation tips:

a) We recommend installing wallpapers with two people and a step ladder.
b) Take your time, go slow, and remember that the Peel-and-Stick wallpaper can be peeled, repositioned, and reapplied.
c) Most mistakes can be resolved by peeling and reapplying correctly. Air bubbles can be smoothed out during installation.
d) We cannot guarantee optimal product performance on textured or freshly painted walls.
e) Product will have a 0.5 inches overlap.

f) Product will have a weak initial bond with a stronger bond over time. Do not remove supporting masking tape until a few hours after installing for best results.

  • Is your wallpaper eco friendly and can be used in kids room?

Our wallpaper is made out of eco friendly materials and our inks are GreenGuard Gold Certified.

  • What surfaces can I apply the wall murals and wallpapers to?

    To achieve the best product installation results we recommend applying it only to smooth wall surfaces.

In case of a textured wall, you can sand the surface down to prevent bubbling from occurring during application.

  • What paint finish is best for peel and stick wallpaper?

EazzyWalls peel and stick wallpaper performs best on smooth surfaces, primed with satin, semi-gloss or eggshell premium paint. While matte finish can still work, it might create issues in the future during removal process, due to stronger adhesive bond.

  • How do you prepare a wall for peel and stick wallpaper?

To clean the wall: scrub with a general, all purpose cleaner, wash with water, wash with isopropyl alcohol (70%), before a final scrub with a microfiber, lint-free cloth. Make sure any all-purpose cleaner is properly washed off of the wall.

  • What happens if I misaligned the panels?

No worries, the Peel-and-Stick wallpaper can be peeled, repositioned, and reapplied. Most mistakes can be resolved by peeling and reapplying correctly. Air bubbles can be smoothed out during installation.

  • Does the real product differ from what I see on screen?

The color of the image represented on our website may vary slightly from your monitor to our the real wallpaper product. Since all monitors differ, we cannot guarantee that the color displayed on your monitor will come out exactly as you see it. If you are worried about how the image may change once printed, please purchase a sample order. Colors may also slightly vary between materials. We always encourage ordering Samples first, to check the full color gamut first and ensure the real color matches your needs.

  • Is peel and stick wallpaper better than regular wallpaper?

Please check out our blog post, where fully describe the advantages and disadvantages of both. If after reading you will still be uncertain about this subject, we will be more than glad to answer all your additional questions. 

  • Can you use peel and stick wallpaper in a bathroom?

As long as there is no direct water exposure to EazzyWalls peel and stick wallpaper, you can safely use in a bathroom.

  • How long peel and stick wallpaper will last?

If all preparation and installation instructions were thoroughly followed, EazzyWalls peel and stick wallpaper can last for as long as you prefer it to be.

  • Whys is my peel and stick wallpaper falling off?

There are quite a few reasons why peel and stick wallpaper will start falling off or bubbling up, which are described in more details in installation instructions, but here are some of them:

1) Installing wallpaper over a texture wall - even a slight texture is considered "texture". If your wall is not smooth to touch it is textured. 

2) Not smoothing your wallpaper - when installing peel and stick wallpaper it is crucial to firmly press on each panel to properly smooth the vinyl. Otherwise you might witness a lift of the wall. 

3) Dirty Walls - Walls are huge collectors of dust, especially during remodeling process around your house. If you failed to properly clean the walls before installation and apply wall panels on top of a dusty surface, those micro particles will damage the adhesive and wallpaper will start peeling off pretty soon.

4) Recently Painted Walls - we recommend at least 6-8 weeks for the paint to dry off, before applying peel and stick wallpaper to the painted wall. Even low VOC paints keep emitting low grade fumes for weeks after, paint looks dry but it’s not! If you install wallpaper those fumes have nowhere to go, will generate massive bubbles on your wallpaper, the fumes also damage permanently the adhesive on your wallpaper. 

5) Low or Zero VOC paints - low VOC paints are eco-friendly and we love them for this reason, but unfortunately they are becoming a challenge for wallpaper installations as they cause in many cases the wallpaper to fall off. The best way to make sure the wallpaper will stick is to get a sample and test it. A simple solution for the problem is to clean the wall (recommended 2-3 times) with a mixture of 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% water, let dry completely, test the adhesion with a sample and afterwards proceed with the wallpaper installation. Some brands that offer low or no VOC (volatile organic compounds) are: EcoPaints, Rust-Oleum, Valspar, Safe Ecoat, Benjamin Moore and Behr.

6) Cracked Paint and Damaged Walls - our wallpaper is intended to protect the wall not to repair it. Please ensure your walls are in good condition prior to installing wallpapers.

7) Drastic Temperature Changes - high temperature fluctuations could be very harmful for the wallpaper. Do not install your wallpaper in areas without thermostat or next to a heater. 

  • Do you offer a Free shipping?

We offer FREE GROUND SHIPPING across 48 contiguous US states.

  • What is your return/refund policy policy?

Our return/refund policy is fully disclosed here